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How Meal Delivery Works

Each week, The Prep Shop prepares a new menu of soups, salads and entrees for delivery right to you!

Just sign up for our email list, and you’ll receive the menu each week on Wednesday, and will have until Saturday to place your order.

You can choose from one of the 4 standard package options, or work with us directly to create a package to meet your needs.

The majority of meals are freezable, so feel free to order on a weekly basis and enjoy the meals fresh, or order a larger quantity less frequently and have freezer meals to work through at your convenience.

Meals are delivered on Wednesday each week. After you place your order, we’ll reach out to you directly to coordinate your delivery time and send you a link to pay online.

Program Pricing: Click HERE to see our package options

Meal Packages/Pricing:

(all package pricing includes delivery fee)

“The 4×2” – 4 meals; 2 servings of each meal (8 meals) = $155

“The 6×2” – 6 meals; 2 servings of each meal (12 meals) = $230

“The 4×4” – 4 meals; 4 servings of each meal (16 meals) = $280

“The 6×4” – 6 meals; 4 servings of each meal (24 meals) = $380

… or, create a custom package that suits you!