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Food Philosophy


Delicious dishes that make you feel as good as they taste

The crazy pace of our modern-day lives often leaves us with no time to cook. Unfortunately, there aren’t always healthy alternatives—especially not great-tasting ones. That’s where we come in.


The Prep Shop creates healthy, nutritious meals that make you feel good. We focus on using locally sourced fresh ingredients and cook with a variety of nutrient-dense superfoods, healthy oils, and lean free-range meats. Our meals are rich in protein, anti-inflammatory ingredients, and disease-fighting antioxidants. We also offer vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, and many other options to fit your specific needs. We’re currently serving Denver and the surrounding areas. Simply contact us to discuss which service would work best for you.

About the owner


Meet Prep Shop owner and chef, Andrea!

Andrea was raised on 75 acres in rural Michigan by a gourmet-focused family that loved to cook. From the very start, they instilled in her the importance of fresh, locally sourced ingredients, which often came from their own property or their neighbors’.


After working a busy advertising job for 8 years, Andrea realized how difficult it was to find time to cook nutritious meals and stay healthy—so she decided to focus on what she loved doing most. Cooking. And that’s how The Prep Shop started.


Andrea’s goal is to provide a convenient, healthy solution for busy families and professionals. She knows how easy it can be to get caught up with a hectic schedule—but she doesn’t want that to stop you from staying healthy, energetic, and happy.


Andrea has a BA from the University of Michigan and a Personal Chef Certification from the Culinary Business Academy. 

   What people are saying

“I’ve worked with a lot of caterers, but this was really different. My experience with Andrea was extraordinary, from the menu planning, to the food selection and cooking to the interaction with our guests. She is not only a great chef, but a really fun personality for your party.”
Michael P.
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